Physical Therapy

School Districts/Home Health

In-Home Therapy Services

We provide in-home speech evaluations and therapy to children to help reach potential in their own home environment. Our speech therapists work with a variety of disorders. Our patients range in age from 0-21 and from mild developmental disorders to medically fragile conditions.

  • Apraxia
  • Articulation/ phonological disorders
  • Oral motor disorders
  • Autism related disorders
  • Stuttering and fluency
  • Voice (cleft palate, vocal cord dysfunction)ADHD
  • Language disorders (expressive and receptive)
  • Swallowing difficulties
  • Pragmatics (social skills)

School Therapy

Physical therapists within the school setting are able to assess each child at any school level age and determine the appropriate Individual Educational Plan (IEP). In a developmental assessment, the physical therapist would evaluate the ability and quality of movement of the arms, legs, entire body, and gross motor coordination as it relates to the child’s success in the school setting.

By encouraging the display of specific motor tasks and observing the child in play, the therapist is able to develop an appropriate plan of care to optimize the child’s mobility within the school setting. The therapist is also able to act as a medical liaison between the school and medical care providers.