Speech Therapy

In-Home Therapy Services

We provide in-home speech evaluations and therapy to children to help reach potential in their own home environment. Our speech therapists work with a variety of disorders. Our patients range in age from 0-21 and from mild developmental disorders to medically fragile conditions.

  • Apraxia
  • Articulation/ phonological disorders
  • Oral motor disorders
  • Autism related disorders
  • Stuttering and fluency
  • Voice (cleft palate, vocal cord dysfunction)ADHD
  • Language disorders (expressive and receptive)
  • Swallowing difficulties
  • Pragmatics (social skills)

School Therapy

Speech Specialists of San Antonio provides services with public, private, and charter schools to provide speech therapy services designated on each student's Individual Education Plan (IEP). Our services help prevent, identify, evaluate and treat communication disorders. We provide direct and consultative contract speech/language evaluations and pull-out speech therapy programs. Additionally, we have bi-lingual services for Spanish speakers. Our speech therapists can immediately fill available speech-therapist positions for long-term contracts or for any other reason such as increased caseloads or maternity leave.

Our Speech Therapists can provide comprehensive assessments, individualized group therapy, IEP development and paperwork, ARD meetings, collaboration with teachers, parents, and the special education team. We can help by providing mandated speech pathology services to children for long and short term contracts depending on your school's needs. *Please call for individual rates. All services are billed hourly.

Compton P-ESL program for Foreign Accent Reduction/Modification

This (foreign accent) program is designed to improve business, professional, and social speaking skills. The Compton P-ESL program begins where conversational English as a second language courses end. It is based on more than 20 years of linguistic research and teaching and was designed specifically to aid foreign-born individuals in improving their spoken English. The Program was developed by noted linguist Dr. Arthur Compton, Director of the Institute of Language and Phonology in San Francisco.

Dr. Compton studied the speech patterns of hundreds of people from over 65 language backgrounds to identify the most common patterns of pronunciation errors by non-native speakers of English. The P-ESL Program enables participants to recognize and correct these patterns in their own speech, leading to maximum accent reduction.

Who can benefit from P-ESL?

Participants come from all walks of life: accountants, actors, airline pilots, attorneys, college teachers and students, computer programmers, engineers, housewives, ministers and priests, physicians, sales representatives, secretaries, supervisors, receptionists, etc

What to expect from the Compton P-ESL program?

  • An initial interview and a tape recording of your speech
  • A completely individualized learning program based on a phonetic analysis of your tape-recorded speech.
  • A comprehensive set of practice exercises in CD-ROM or cassette tape format
  • A training manual containing your personal speech analysis and scripts for the recorded practice materials.
  • A personal “Audio Reference” tape and booklet of customized practice words which you feel are especially important for you to learn.
  • 25 hours of instruction and practice (group programs)
  • A tape-recorded reevaluation to measure your success
  • At least a 50% improvement in your pronunciation of English
  • A self-study program for continuing your improvement at the end of your course


The evaluation consists of an initial interview with a comprehensive articulation test to analyze your individual accent by way of formal and informal measures.

2 two-hour sessions, initial meeting for evaluation and second meeting for suggestions and results.

Individualized learning program based on a phonetic analysis of your tape-recorded speech.

P-ESL – 1

Small Groups

(13-Week Class)

Maximum of 5 students per class

12 two-hour weekly classes and one private tutoring session

Weekly home assignments using the CD-ROM or personal practice tapes and implementing new speaking skills into your everyday life

P-ESL – 2

Private Tutoring

(13-Week Class)

For people with very strong foreign accents or those who wish to work on specific projects or goals

13 one-hour weekly classes, flexible scheduling

…Weekly home assignments using the CD-ROM or personal practice tapes and implementing new speaking skills into your everyday life.

P-ESL – 3

Custom Tutoring

(7-Week Class)

For people with very mild foreign accents

7 one-hour classes, flexible scheduling

Incorporates serialized practice materials with weekly home assignments using CD-ROM or personal practice tapes.